Adopting A Rescue Dog - The First Seven Days


Looking for some sound advice on your new adoption? This free book contains some great tips on starting your new adoption on the right foot, or paw.

How To Adopt Successfully

Thank you for considering a Shelter pet!  Every year, the Sauk County Humane Society shelters over 2,300 homeless, abandoned, or stray pets.

At the Sauk County Humane Society, we want the best for the animals we adopt out, and we want the best for you as an adopter! With that in mind, we do not adopt on a first come, first served basis. If we predict bad situations for the pets or the people, adoption privileges can be refused.

The Sauk County Humane Society recognizes that all sorts of situations work well for both pets and people. We make the adoption process easy, fun, and positive. We want you to adopt from us and become a loyal supporter and member of SCHS. Adopting a homeless pet can be a wonderful way to do a good thing, and get a new friend for life!

If you would like to adopt an animal, come in and meet our animals, fill out an adoption application, and meet  with an Adoption Counselor.

Before making the decision to adopt:

Think long and hard. Ask yourself questions like:

-What pet will be right for our family?
-Are we willing to handle the demands of a pet?
-Can we afford a pet at this time?
-Can we afford vet bills and unplanned surgeries as my pet gets older?

Research online or go to your local library to learn how to select the right pet and how to train it once you own it.

Be prepared
Before your new pet comes home:
-Purchase necessary equipment like dog crates, brushes, gates, food, and litter boxes.
-"Pet proof" your home by putting away poisons and valuables, selecting a good place for a litter box; etc.
-Have an "introduction plan". Keep things calm, and have a plan for introducing old pets to the new pet. This can prevent problems later, like illness and behavior issues.
-Make arrangements for your pet during your absences.

Ask our Adoption Councelors the best way to introduce a new pet to family members, especially young children. Carefully watch all early interactions, to detect signs of anger or fear in the new pet towards a child.

Find a pet professional
All animals need training and having a trainer lined up or a book to follow is very helpful. If you're adopting a dog, enroll it in an obedience class.

Pick a veterinarian
It is important to have an appointment with a veterinarian the first day you take your new family member home with you. Remember, any pet can get sick, so you need to be prepared for vet costs!

When adopting through SCHS, you have the option of activating 24PetWatch Pet insurance. If interested, ask for details about this program when adopting. Also, check with your vet to see if he/she accepts that sort of insurance.

There Is No Such Thing As A Free Pet

There are a lot of things to consider when bringing a new animal into your home.
1. Can I afford to buy a crate, and if necessary pay for training?
2. Can I provide my new companion with the exercise and stimulation they will require?
3. Can I afford the basic medical care required for my pet to be safe and comfortable? Have I looked into what is required and what it will cost?
4. Have I considered what I will do in the event that my animal requires more extensive and expensive medical care?
5. How do I go about getting my pet licensed with the city?
6. Can I afford proper food for my pet?
7. Do I have a lifestyle that will be a good fit for a pet?
8. Can I provide my pet with a safe home environment?

Companion animals rely on their humans to provide health visits, food, shelter, entertainment, and affection. When you take on a new pet, it is a MAJOR commitment. Are you ready?

When adopting, take your time and ask the Shelter staff for advice

Don't rush into adopting. Our staff will be glad to tell you what they know about each individual animal. But please understand that since most of our animals are strays we often know very little about their pasts.

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